Team Retrospective

Activity for Reflection


A team retrospective (or “retro”) is a chance for your team to get together to reflect on what’s going well and what opportunities there may be for improvement on your project. This can apply to anything from the project work to interpersonal and team dynamics. It is good to hold retrospectives at regular intervals - anywhere from every two weeks to every few months, depending on your team’s needs.

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Retrospectives give your team a chance to check in and communicate about what is working well on the project and what could use some improvement. Regular check-ins help to ensure that any issues are addressed as they come up, and reinforce the things that are working well. Retrospectives can help a team to develop strong and effective working relationships.

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There are many ways to have a retrospective; typically it will cover:

  • What’s going well
  • What could be improved
  • What actions need to be taken to make changes

You may choose to have an informal conversation with your team or you may choose a more formal approach through the use of a structured framework.

The following are a few useful resources that provide suggested frameworks:

5 fun sprint retrospective ideas with templates - Work Life by Atlassian

Hyper Island Toolbox - Reflection: Team

How to structure a team reflection session

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